Make a CSS Heart to be a Certain Width

See the Pen Pulsing Heart – CSS Animation by Lisa Folkerson (@lisafolkerson) on CodePen. When making a CSS heart to be a certain size (like you need it to be 245px wide as in this case) measure with a square to find the sides of a square that will fit in each dimension and then get the width/left position and height/border-radius for the two divs that make each half of the heart. Mutiply the length
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Easily Convert JSON to JSONP With A Simple PHP Snippet

Same origin policy issue errors when returning data from an API that only delivers JSON? This security measure happens because the browser dosen’t allow cross-origin data sharing. You need a server-side component that will go grab a JSON feed for you and convert it to JSONP. This code will retrieve the JSON inside a <script> tag (the exception to sharing resources cross-domain are <script> tags like when serving a cdn, or other type of javascript
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Building An Accessible Drag & Drop User Interface for Images or Text

See the Pen Accessible Draggable UI by Lisa Folkerson (@lisafolkerson) on CodePen. Building Accessibility Web Accessibility Initiative’s Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) allow us to take web sites, or web apps and take the interactive widgets that are not self-evident to a screen reader and tag them meaningfully so that assistive technology can interpret the widget and its behavior and potential behavior properly for its user. If you are interested in finding out more try out
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Video for Web for Free or for Cheap: Resources and Tips

HTML5 video capabilities have been being blogged about for five years, but when looking into the possibilities and potentialities of HTML5’s video support there are a ton of exciting yet speculative posts about what this can and will mean. Earlier this year (January 2015) YouTube switched from Flash to HTML5 video and it seems like every day is another nail into the coffin of flash, and cements HTML5 video as the future of web moving images,
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Font Awesome Icons as Active Links and Building an Image-Based Navigation Bar

This is the first post of what I am sure will be a series wherein I run into problems, have trouble solving them easily through google, and look to lay out solves for problems others may run into as well as myself. Of course everyone may be more clever than I in lots of the aspects I talk about. Marvellous. Let’s talk. Especially if someone wants to add to/amend what I’ve written. This style of
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As they Say, “Hello World”

I read a poem today that started with the image of a mop : past grime and then joyful transgressions in online space. This week I started at HackerYou. This week I started at a BOOT-CAMP; I got so pleased to be getting serious about being a front-end web developer. That was five days ago and the feelings of excitement and optimism are only intensifying. My twitter says : Lisa Folkerson :: Front-End Web Developer.
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