As they Say, “Hello World”

I read a poem today that started with the image of a mop : past grime and then joyful transgressions in online space.

This week I started at HackerYou. This week I started at a BOOT-CAMP; I got so pleased to be getting serious about being a front-end web developer. That was five days ago and the feelings of excitement and optimism are only intensifying. My twitter says : Lisa Folkerson :: Front-End Web Developer. A new declaration and addition to the long-suffered : Lisa Folkerson :: Conceptual Artist.

HackerYou’s full-time front end development bootcamp seems like this beautiful island of time and support. I can’t remember the last time in my life I had just one job to do. I’ve spent the last ~7 years juggling multiple contracts, part-time and full-time jobs,  creative projects, and participating in my communities as artist, organizer, musician, fan, friend, and supporter. 15 hour days have been a minimum unless I’m playing hookey and feeling my one long eye drag through my loaf to pain me with visions of misst work.

The last six months have been wildly productive for me and I couldn’t be more pleased that the next nine weeks plus will be filled with making things, talking about making things, learning how to share what I make and involve myself in a new culture; dev culture.

The first share is what I worked on this week and what I finished this week. A. the website you are reading this blog post on, (as soon as this wordpess is updated to the site I have built line online this sentence will be true)and B. two music transmissions I made for the artist Castle If. They went live on the web this week and were my last pre-HackerYou project to wrap before focusing intently on coding for the next little future. I am so excited to work with the brilliant Castle If and her rapturous music. I am to grateful to the Mendel Art Gallery for their support in this project and being the first to screen it at their amazing party Lugo Gold.

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