I’m Lisa Folkerson, a front-end developer based in Toronto with skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and WordPress. I love making the web beautiful, interactive, and friendly for all users. I am also formally trained as an artist, specializing in video and digital media. I bring a keen visual sense, as well as creative thinking, problem-solving, and love for making things with me into my work as a developer.


Nerdia Tech Trivia

Wanna rock that technical interview? Think you're great at coding? Know it all when tech is involved? Come test your knowledge with Nerdia, the Tech Trivia Game.

Nerdia Tech Trivia is a React app built in collaboration with Alexis Bellet over a month in 2017. The game features the ability for users to search for different quizzes based on their interests, answer questions about tech, race against the clock for higher scores, and then be ranked against each other.

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doored.tv : a custom WP site

doored.tv is a custom WP site for a monthly performance art show in Toronto, Canada. The site includes multiple custom post types and the ability to embed livestreams through youtube and cross reference the show's vast archive of performers, projects, shows, and photographs.

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A jQuery plugin to turn all of the content on a page to black and dark grey.
Sometimes when we are on websites our screens produce a hefty amount of light. Industry front runners have addressed this issue through the creation of visually darker sites (Blackl, The Dark Side of Google, etc.).
These alternatives are cognizant that the artificial light emitted by your computer contributes to the degradation of photic habitats and to the average levels of natural light. This light is human generated. Accordingly, it is up to us, on earth day and every day, to reduce the amount of artificial light we are producing.

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Does It Pass the Bechdel Test? Web App

A web app that allows the user to query if a movie passes the Bechdel test, which basically asks if there are two women who have a conversation in a given film. My app searches a database of almost 6000 films.

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Appucino: jQuery Gallery with SVG animations

Made in collaboration with Lucas Lemonnier, Appucino is an interactive web app using JavaScripts, jQuery, and SVG animation to show different designs possible with latte art and how to pour them.

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Contemporary Art Gallery WordPress Theme

This is a sleek, minimal, responsive wordpress theme specifically designed for contemporary art galleries but easily adaptable for anyone wanting an intuitive easy-to-navigate site that will showcase the images or content the user uploads first and foremost.

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